Faces of a Royal Typewriter Family

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Dad at desk


In the 1950s, my parents moved from Chicago, Illinois to California. After settling in San Lorenzo, my father decided to attend night school to study accounting . Simltaneously, he held down a full-time job in Alameda County for Encinel Terminals (see photo).

As our neighbors learned of my dad's new profession, they asked him to prepare their income tax returns. At first, my dad prepared them longhand but soon purchased a Quiet De Luxe Royal Typewriter for my mom to type the returns on, carbon paper and all.

Between that time and 1972, my dad's income tax business grew from our neighborhood to much of the Bay Area.; he worked an accounting job weekdays and a tax preparer job weeknights and weekends.

In 1972, my parents, relocated to the San Joaquin Valley. There, my theyrented office space and added bookkeeping to their repertoire: Huhn's Bookkeeping and Income Tax Service was born.

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