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          After attending the conference, I chose to submit my proposal for the Writing Center redesign to the Tutoring Center director. She liked the idea. I then made a visit to CSUS' Grant Writing Department for suggestions on how to proceed. After meeting with Nancy, she showed me how to navigate the federal grant acquisition online. I downloaded the requirements for a grant proposal from the CSUS website, then I began to search for grant opportunities. I met with the CSUS architect and designer so that they could do the measurements, develop a CAD drawing and suggest furniture. I told them what specs I had in mind and what technology would be involved. During the summer, the Grant Writing Department was able to attach the Writing Center proposal to a larger grant proposal being submitted by the university. And then we waited. All summer. Into the fall. Our fingers crossed, our hopes began to wane. And then I received this email on 9 September 2010:

Hi Kathy:

Barbara Boxer
[Senator for California] called Jesse [Tutoring Center Director] today to let her know the Title 5 grant was approved. Congratulations to you! What a gift you've provided to the center!

[Writing Center Director]



Developed for NCWCA Conference 2010
Revised for PNWCA 2014

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